How i backpacked Bhutan in less than Rs.1000 a day

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158 thoughts on “How i backpacked Bhutan in less than Rs.1000 a day

  1. Awesome blog dude. Count me in on the next trip

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  3. Awesome Kamal. THis helps us i spending money in right way and thus buying these invaluable experiences in economical way. I am preparing for the same. Can you tell me which months / time will be good to go to Bhutan ?

    • Hi Sagar,
      Thanks for your words.
      June-Aug is the monsoon month for bhutan. Rest all the other months are fine. If you want to see snow you can go in December-January. Weather is pleasant during feb-april period. Hope this will help you in planning. 🙂

  4. Wish I knew you then.

  5. Very beautifully drafted. Informative and precise.

  6. Beautifully written..feel like going to Bhutan right away..

  7. I am planning to travel Bhutan solo
    P.s. I am an Indian male
    So can I do that ??
    And what should be the maximum budget as per you if we are on shoe-string budget travelling just like you.??
    Please help

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Hi Rishabh,
      Bhutan doesn’t give visa to solo traveler. You can take a max budget of 1500rs per day, If you travel in group you can manage in less than 1000rs as well.

      • Isn’t there any way to get a solo visa…?
        I really wanna explore Bhutan but solo
        Is there any possibility of that?

      • Kamal Tanwani

        You can go to the immigration office and you can ask others to give your form with them that way you can get it.

  8. Very interesting and an awesome piece of information. Thanks Kamal. Bet you have been quite so lucky in visiting one of the most beautiful destinations of the world.

  9. Documents : will Aadhar card do instead of Voter or a Passport??

  10. Great Trip … amazing experience to share e..I too did Bhutan back in 2014 but i went Driving all the way from Mumbai n Back. 🙂

  11. Did immigration process charged you anything in bhutan??

  12. Vry well written nd Vry inspiring…I liked th budget thing…it’s not alwz money which can buy happiness..keep doing.

  13. Akshay Atmaram Tarfe

    Great trip. You traveled in large group. Is it possible for solo traveler to do this in same budget?

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Thanks. Bhutan doesn’t give visa to solo traveler, you can do the same in even less if you use public transport all the time.

  14. Nice Kamal.

  15. Thanks for this detailed and amazing information. I love to visit this place and now your valuable information make it very easy for me .
    Thanks a lot .


  16. Awesome. Well written. I loved it. I willvplsn my trip. Please send me your email id on

  17. We are couple of girls planning for a trip to Bhutan.What is the best time, travel options, contact for budget stays, places to visit etc?

    Best time to visit Bhutan is October. Travel Option/Plan: Take train from NJP Station for Hasimara. It will take almost 4 hours to reach Hasimara. Local trains are available from NJP. After getting down in Hasimara take local share Jeep till Jaigaon. J…

  18. very nice! thanks for sharing info. wish i knew this trip, could join.


  20. Kamal thanks for the info,and a very well written blog.Count me in on ur next trip😊.

  21. Very useful and informative post. Appreciate your effort in helping future travellers . how about the options of vegetarian food? Is it advisable to travel with kids?

  22. Liked your post kamal… very precise !!! definitely will make it up to see snow fall… thank you for the lovely post 🙂

  23. Great post Kamal, I m very much motivated from this post and wanted to go there, please let me know if I wanted to go in August so is everything would be same as March.

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Thanks Anuj 🙂 I would not suggest you to travel in August as it will be raining heavily during that time, It will be good if travel in sep-oct.

  24. This is one awesome travel story, man! I loved it, shared it to many. This will surely help hundreds of backpackers like me.

  25. Heyyyy,

    Where’s your next trip & when ?.

    I’m Mumbai based & would love to travel for such kinda trips

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Hi Sunil,
      I usually travel/trek once or twice in a month. My long trips are mostly not planned in advance so no clue as of now where and when i will be going next.

  26. Hi, how many days in total did you travel?

  27. Pls help me with some name of budget hotels in paro,Punakha & thimpu & also I need a car for 6/7 days if u can help me with some name or phone nos.or address

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Driver Name :Dupchu
      Mb no : 17884096
      Hotel Jigmeling in Paro,
      Hotel Yoesal in Thimphu,
      I didn’t stay overnight in punakha.

  28. Wow! Engagingly written Kamal! Makes one want to pack d bags n just go. And the way u’ve written it , it seems quite possible!

  29. Hey! Great blog. Immigration form will be issued at the office only, right? And is mid-september a good time to visit Bhutan? And also, how much time did it take to get extra permit for Punakha, Tiger’s Nest?

    • Hi Kartik,
      *You can drop your email id here i will send you the immigration form.
      *Yes sep is a good time to visit.
      *You just need extra permit for punakha which can be taken from thimphu and it takes 1-2 hour max.

  30. Hi Kamal
    Would you know how long it would take to travel from Bumthang to Phuentsholing?
    Also could you send me the immigration form at

  31. Hi..can you send me the immigration for. My email id is

  32. awesome blog. Could you send the form to

  33. Hi, amazing article first of all. Just one doubt, can I plan the trip with an other person of opposite sex? As in, would there be any issues in getting immigration permit or hotel rooms or anything!
    Thanks in advance

  34. Hey Kamal,
    I must say this is one of the best written and easily explained blogs on Bhutan, we’re on a road trip to Bhutan and currently we’re in Paro. We had lost all our hopes on getting into Bhutan as we were waiting for entry into Bhutan since Thursday but offices were closed. Surprisingly we got the permit today and we zoomed into Paro.

    The only concern I have is, we don’t have much cash now and not sure if we can withdraw from ATMs here. Can you please share some information about the same? Also what would be the charges?

  35. Hey man, great blog !! Counting things are pretty same for my travel next week, please do share the immigration form if you do have it !! !! Cheers !

  36. Hi,

    The blog is very detailed and helpful. Could you kindly send me the immigration form, it would be helpful to us. My email Id is

    Thank you

  37. Good illustration of the journey…bro i want the immigration form…send it to my email @

  38. Hi Kamal,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences (and the effort you put into it).
    As tons of people before me rightly said, its a great page for an aspiring Bhutan traveler. Complete yet concise !!
    Do you still have the immigration form with you ? If possible can you please send it to


  39. Nice blog… could you please send me the immigration form from Phuentsholing and shed some light on travelling during this time in December.

    • thanks pls share your email id. Dec will cold so just carry enough winter wears you maybe be able to see snow in some parts.

  40. Thank you, Kamal for the details. I am going in Dec. Would you mind sharing the Immigration form. is my ID.

  41. Sorry no information as i didn’t go there.

  42. Hey kamal ,we r going through flight from Mumbai To Bagdogra .
    So where do I have to submit doucuments related to immigration from.
    And plzz Mail me the immigration form

  43. Do National bank normal debit card would work in bhutan

  44. Awesome post there kamal 🙂
    How long was your trip and can u mail the Immigration form to

  45. Hi..can you send me the immigration form. My email id is

  46. Hi!….can you send me the immigration form. My email id is

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  47. HI Kamal, Thanks for the detail info, can you please send the immigration form to my email address –

  48. Hey! i am going to bhutan on 19th april, can you tell me how many days was ur trip? and send me the form at!! Thanks!!!

    • It’s written in the blog 🙂 5 nights 6 days. Have sent the form.

      • You will be very good writer too in future. If you take that. Up. Seriously.
        So well written. Pl share. Your number. If possible.
        We plan a family vacation last week of may from. Bangalore. Is it. Advisable. To go. For tourist. Packages or we. Can. Manage. Ourselves.
        Dr Ravishankar

      • Thanks a ton for the kind words 🙂
        No need to take any package you can manage by your own. You can reach out to me on for any kind of Query.

  49. Hello Kamal, me and my friend are planning to visit next month. May I request you to send the immigration form please? And is there a way to submit/request for immigration online?

  50. Abhay Kumar Prasad

    Awesome blog! want to visit soon, Please send me the immigration form. My email

  51. Anirudh Bansal

    Is it a good idea to travel to Bhutan in last week of April-first week of May with family

  52. Hi Kamal,
    I encountered your blog from Quora. I wish to visit Bhutan with my wife and two kids of 5 and 1 year of age respectively. Will it be possible for us to get the permit? Anything special required to be done to get the permit for the kids, specially for the infant? Can you share the immigration form at

    • Hi,
      yes there will be no issue for getting permit for kids. Have sent the form on your mail id.

  53. Awesome post bro… One of my friend is coming from Malaysia, he want to go for a Bhutan tour, is any special permit need for him??? I mean visa or anything??

    • Thanks 🙂 For your Malaysian friends they need to take a package which will be around $200-250 per day.

  54. Hi Kamal,
    Thanks Your blog had been a real help for Us… we just came back from our 10 days Bhutan Trip…
    To Add On: From April 10th 2017 All Tourists(Indias and others) visiting Bhutan must have Booked hotel details print to get a entry permit or else your permit wont be processed.
    And People visiting Taktsang monastery(Tigers Nest) are charged with entry Fees of 500 Nu/- or INR effective from 1st March 2017.

  55. Karthik Murugan

    This is Karthik, A very good writing on your travel. Kindly provide the Form to the E.Mail – and for booking Hotel / which areas will be fine and cheap in bhutan – Thimpu / Paro / any other places

    Thanks in advance

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Thanks, have sent you the form. both paro and thimpu has budget hotels so both places will be fine.

  56. Hi kamal..good write up.i tried the link,but its not responding.can you send me any other link or web ID.

    Please send me the imigration form as well @



  57. Hello dear, a very meaningful blog and well detailed. Thanks for that.
    Actually, I dint get the ‘update1’ that one has to book a hotel to enter Bhutan!
    I am from Gurgaon and going on bike, my problem of not booking a hotel is I dont know how much time it will take to reach there and which on date should i book hotel. Ease enlighten. My no is 9718597971, just in case u need to make me better understand.

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Hi Vijay,
      Thanks, you can stay in phuensholing without any permit, when you reach there just ask any hotel owner to connect with their contacts in paro/thimphu for getting booking confirmation same you can show while applying for permit.

  58. Hi! Very informative post! I’ve been planning to visit there in September but heard its the tourist season and planning to reschedule to December, I was wondering where do you get pricing for Druk air? Do you have to contact Druk Air itself? In the end I’m pretty sure we’ll go by train but still..

    Can I connect with you on Facebook?

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Druk air is very expensive alternative you can take flight till bagdogra and then take bus/taxi for border.

  59. Hello Kamal, Thanks for the blog post. It will really help us as we are planning a trip to Bhutan this week. Could you please share the Immigration Form with me?

  60. Swetha Anchan

    Wonderful write up. if you plan another similar trip do count me in 🙂 This has inspired me to travel to Bhutan.

    • Kamal Tanwani

      Thanks Swetha 🙂 Actually i am just back from backpacking kinnaur and spiti valley 🙂 , not sure which will be my next big trip.

  61. hey kamal,
    thanks for the information,
    i want to check out the immigration form.

  62. Hey Kamal.
    Thanks For the Information,
    Can you Mail The Immigration Form

  63. Hi Kamal,

    Wonderful write up. I was starting to doubt if I could backpack or not with all the tourist package. Your write up helped me a ton to plan. Between, are you aware of anyone who organize trekking in Bhutan? As far as I know we need to have a guide. Also, could you please mail me the immigration form to Thanks in advance 🙂

  64. Sir, I need to talk once. I have some questions. Could really use your help. Kindly ping me once at

  65. Hey! The blog is really very good n helpful. Can you please share the number of the hotel you stayed in thimphu? The name is hotel Yoesal I think!
    Also if you have any idea about permission for Haa, do we need any special permission for Haa?

  66. Hey! The blog is really very good n helpful. Can you please share the number of the hotel you stayed in thimphu? The name is hotel Yoesal I think!
    Also if you have any idea about permission for Haa, do we need any special permission for Haa?

  67. Hii Kamal!
    So we are planning a trip to Bhutan. I loved the blog.
    Can you please give me the number of the Hotel at Thimphu?
    Also do you have any idea about the permit to Haa? Do we need any special permits for Haa?


    • Hi Puja,

      You require permission for Haa Valley which you can take from Thimphu.

      Sorry i am not able to locate number of Hotel Yoesal 😦

  68. Wonderful explanation of awesome country…
    Me and my friends are planning to go there in December from Mumbai…so can u please send me the photo of immigration form..

  69. Hi kamal ..
    Could you kindly send me the immigration form, it would be helpful to us. My email Id is

  70. Hi kamal …
    Ur blog is very helpfull…
    1) Can u help me regarding hotel bookings…can u suggest good & cheap website whr i can book hotels.
    2) As per u mentioned they issue permit only for 7 days i am planning for 10days wat should i do yo stay more then 7daya???
    Awaiting for ur positive redponse

  71. Hi Kamal,
    Nice travelogue of visiting Bhutan. Thanks for your love to my country. BTW entry fees of Nu.500 at Taktsang is only for tourists who aren’t on minimum daily tariff (who don’t pay USD 250/day).

    And click this link for Bhutan travel guide written specifically for Indian tourists:


  72. Bro please send the form at
    And how long is the permit valid?
    Also as you mentioned we need to get a hotel booked beforehand where can we get it booked from?

  73. Hi Kamal,

    Came across your blog after doing a lot of research for planning my trip to Bhutan. Its really worth a read and has plenty of useful information. If possible, can you please mail me the entry permit form as you have mentioned in your Blog?
    My id is

    Also, me and my friends are planning to further head east of Thimphu and travel Punakha and Phobjikha, if you know anyone who can help us with searching some budget hotels or farmhouse to stay there, please let me know.

    Again, a beautifully written blog. Saw your other articles too. Keep up the good work.

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